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NEU! Vanille Crossy

  • Dienstag, 10 Mai 2016 13:38
  • geschrieben von 

Ein Croissant allein ist schon Genuss pur. Doch auch dieser Genuss lässt sich noch steigern! Neu bei uns: das Vanille Crossy.

Das Zusammenspiel aus Croissant und lecker leichter Vanillecreme machen das Vanille Crossy zu einem echtem Highlight auf dem Frühstückstisch. Das ganze veredelt mit einer dezenten Schicht Puderzucker. Wer kann da schon wiederstehen?

Auch als kleiner Snack für Zwischendurch bestens geeignet.

Unser Tipp: am besten selbst probieren.Hier gelangen Sie direkt zum Vanille Crossy.

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  • Kommentar-Link Aundrea Dienstag, 16 Oktober 2018 08:07 gepostet von Aundrea

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  • Kommentar-Link Adrianna Dienstag, 16 Oktober 2018 07:12 gepostet von Adrianna

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  • Kommentar-Link Vanita Dienstag, 16 Oktober 2018 06:58 gepostet von Vanita

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    him it's not like he's playing the game," said Owen, bemused that the watching world should view it as a head to head."We speak to each other what I
    would say is the normal amount. We chat a bit about rugby but it's general chat, as families do."The only person it will effect is my mum, not us. She just wants everyone to do well."Asked if that means the Dublin showdown ending in a draw, which would deny England the record outright
    and rare back to back Grand Slams, Farrell Jnr shook his head."3 0 England, I think!" he replied, suggesting a winning kick from him and a shutout for his dad is as near
    as mum Colleen can hope to get to an ideal world.Why Wales stars
    are set to cheer arch enemies England on towards back to back Grand
    SlamsIreland have excused Andy from talking
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  • Kommentar-Link Nick Dienstag, 16 Oktober 2018 06:49 gepostet von Nick

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    penultimate climb of the day, the Col de
    Romme.Armstrong, too, was also unable to stay with the leading group, which also contained Andreas Kloden, as the Schlecks piled on the
    pressure.Somewhat unexpectedly, Contador launched his own attack, losing his Astana team mate Kloden in the process and leaving himself dangerously exposed.Astana team boss Johan Bruyneel later admitted
    the Spaniard's move had been against his wishes."I told him not to go, he didn't need to attack, because the Schlecks would go full gas to the finish." he said."I said to him 'You don't have to attack to win the Tour de France today'."But, despite the best efforts of
    the Schleck brothers, who both ride for the Saxo Bank team, the
    2007 champion never looked like losing time to his rivals."We had nothing to lose this morning,"
    said Frank Schleck, whose victory was the second Tour
    stage win of his career, following his win at Alpe d'Huez
    in 2006."We staked everything on launching those attacks. It was a bit risky but at the end of the day you have to take risks to benefit."Back down the
    road, Wiggins was able to stick with Armstrong until the final kilometre of the
    last ascent of the day the Col de la Colombiere before a surge from the seven time
    champion saw him accelerate away.Both Wiggins and Armstrong drop out of the
    podium positions but will look to Thursday's time trial in Annecy as a way of clawing back some of the time they have lost.Defending champion Carlos Sastre also lost more ground as
    he was unable to keep up with the Schlecks after launching a succession of unsuccessful attacks of his own lower down the Col de Romme.And Australia's Cadel Evans continued to suffer the 2007 and 2008 runner up finishing the stage 29
    minutes and 43 seconds after Frank Schleck.Earlier, Thor Hushovd all but sealed victory in his battle for
    the green jersey with Britain's Mark Cavendish by winning both the day's intermediate sprints.Contador remains in control of the
    race, however, and although he denied working together with the Schlecks at the expense of Kloden and Armstrong, he
    admitted he was happy with the lead he holds over Wiggins ahead of the time trial.
    The BBC is not responsible for the content of
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  • Kommentar-Link Connie Dienstag, 16 Oktober 2018 06:49 gepostet von Connie

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